Limited spaces are available in the Nursery Cygnet Class. Children can start at 2 years & 9 months old and we accept 2 year funding, ask at the school office or nursery for an information pack.
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E- Safety

Please click on link below (Safeguarding Policies) to see our e-safety policy.


Internet Safety

Safeguarding Children

Why are you asked not to post photos of children and staff at school events on social media?


  • Children that attend your child's school may be in care and need safeguarding from their families.  Your photo could give away that child's location.
  • Children or staff may have moved to escape domestic violence etc... and once again do not want to be found.
  • Many parents safeguard their children by not putting them on the internet/social media etc. however this control is taken away when you post a group photo of a school event.
  • Unfortunately not all children have had a loving and safe family environment and many are being protected for one reason or another.


Please support your school in safeguarding the children that attend, Thank you.


What to do if your child gets into trouble online. From sexting to viewing adult pornography, this guide is for parents and carers on how to help and support children and young people who have got into trouble online.  Please click link below for more information.

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