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2021 World Book Day


We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day this year, both at home and at school. We all dressed up as our favourite character form our favourite book. In the morning, everyone that was learning at home had a virtual meeting with their class teacher and the children who were learning at school. Everyone shared their costume and explained who they had dressed up. We then spent the day completing exciting, book themed tasks, then in the afternoon, we had a fantastic virtual author visit from Tommy Balaam, the writer of 'Captain Fantastic and the Chocolate Planet' and 'Captain Fantastic: I've Got You'. We had a wonderful day, but we are all looking forward to next year when we can celebrate World Book Day at school with all of our friends!

We love to Read!


At St John’s, we provide lots of opportunities for children to explore, appreciate, read and share books across the curriculum.


During the 2020 Autumn and Spring terms, children across the school met with other classes to share their favourite books. Children were able to chose the book they wanted to share from our libraries, which have a wide selection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books. These sessions provided children with opportunities to read for pleasure and explore the world around them.  During these times, it was great to see the children’s enthusiasm about books and their excitement to share and discuss them with other pupils.


A pupil in Year 4 said  ‘I love reading with Reception. I help them when they get stuck. I like sharing my favourite books and explaining what words mean.’


A pupil in Year 3 said ‘We read with year 6 every week. I like it because I share my favourite book but also if I get stuck on a word they help me.’


We are all looking forward to these sessions beginning again once school life is back to normal!



Book Club


During the 2020 Spring term, the library was opened at lunch time for children to come and enjoy books! Children across Reception and Key Stage 1 enjoyed discussing their favourite books and reading aloud to each other. Year 6 pupils were there to support children with their reading.


A year 6 child told me ‘Every Friday, I help in the library. I like helping because it supports the younger children with their future. I help them when they are stuck on a word, I read with them and ask them questions.’


A year 1 pupil said ‘I like reading different books to other children. My new favourite book is Beast Quest.’


We are all looking forward book club starting up again once school life is back to normal!

No Pens Day


In November 2019, St John’s pupils took part in No Pens Day Wednesday. This day was an opportunity for us all to put down our pens and get involved in speaking and listening activities. All of the children enjoyed different opportunities to use skills and mediums to express their thoughts and knowledge.


During the day, no pens were seen across the school as every class were involved in engaging activities which supported children to consider their word choices and promote the use of ambitious vocabulary. Year 3 looked at the story ‘The Green Ship,’ and created the story journey using natural resources. The children explored character emotions and retold the text considering what words would hook the reader in. The pupils in Year 4 created a lion from different materials linked to the book 'Tom’s Sausage Lion’. The children thought of adjectives to describe the lion and used evidence in the text to justify their answer. Across Key Stage 1, children explored vocabulary through role play, stories and art. In upper Key Stage 2, children were involved in debates to persuade and encourage the audience to vote for them.


A child in Year 3 said  ‘No Pens day was fun, exciting and unexpected!’


A child from year 4 said ‘I liked not writing on No Pens Day and having lots of discussions. Just because you don’t have a pen, doesn’t mean you don’t learn. I learnt lots and learnt the meaning of new words that I didn’t know.’

‘Growing and learning together, Sharing the love of God’