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Year 1 Mapwork

In year one children learn how to create their own maps with the addition of a key and compass. The ability to turn the 3D landscape into a 2D map is an important skill. We learn about physical and human features and begin to learn about using symbols.


These maps were created by children returning to school after lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic. We used this task to discuss our memories of being in this unique situation, labelling our map features with activities completed while away from school. This provided a super platform for sharing experiences and geography skills.


'The compass shows you which way to go. North, West, East or South.' Filip
' The key helps me to know what's on the map. It was realy fun.' Kate

' I liked drawing all the roads' Scarlett R


Scarlett showed me the journey she would take from the woods to the beach.

‘Growing and learning together, Sharing the love of God’