Nursery spaces are available in the Cygnet Class from September 2019. Children can start at 2 years & 9 months old and we accept 2 year funding.
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Our visit from Rev Tom

Our visit from Rev Tom 1

Today we were so fortunate to have a visit from Rev Tom from St John's church. We wanted to ask questions about what Respect means to him and the church in light of our upcoming RE week. He was a brilliant visitor and answered all of our questions, even the 'slightly off topic' ones!


We hope he'll come back to visit us soon as the Puffins class have many more questions due to their inquisitive minds!


Top Trumps!

Top Trumps! 1
Top Trumps! 2
Top Trumps! 3
Top Trumps! 4

Wow! What a start to the term. In Puffins class we explored the states of America with an orienteering activity around the school hall. We had to fly to all the different states and find out interesting facts about those states. After that we used these facts to make our own top trumps cards.


Mrs Hardinge said that she would reward fantastic presentation by laminating them... she had a lot of laminating to do! You can see us playing with the final result as part of our class worship. 

Playing cards during class worship may not sound like the right thing to do but actually we were talking about the importance of telling the 'truth' with our friends. Mrs Hardinge secretly allowed some people to lie about the cards they had and it made it very unfair! We discussed our feelings when something is untruthful and how it feels to be the person who has been lied to.


Our boat building adventure

Today we were lucky enough to have an incredible experience building boats.


We started in groups of 3 deciding what to spend our huge budget on. We could buy motors, propellers and lots of other accessories to add to our boat to make it more effective or look better!


Then we got our hands on the equipment. We had to persevere to work out how exactly to make the circuit as we hadn't done it before but slowly every group in the class managed to make the connections needed. It really was an 'excited gasp' moment!


After we had all made our boat we got a chance to see whether the boat would float or sink and if it would go forwards, stay still or travel backwards. Some of our boats traveled backwards but we worked out why that was and knew how to fix the problem.


What an amazing morning spent problem solving. We're looking forward to much more circuit building in our topic next half term.



What an incredible start to the Summer Term in year 4! Wandering around the Sea Life Centre getting immersed in all the fantastic creatures and amazing things to see there.


We're feeling ready for our new topic Blue Abyss now.


Mountain Homework

Mountain Homework 1
Mountain Homework 2
Mountain Homework 3

Exploring numbers!

Exploring numbers! 1
Exploring numbers! 2
Exploring numbers! 3
Exploring numbers! 4

Some of the incredible examples of what the children can do when you give them just one number to explore.


Some fantastic maths investigating Puffins!


‘Growing and learning together, Sharing the love of God’