Limited spaces are available in the Nursery Cygnet Class. Children can start at 2 years & 9 months old and we accept 2 year funding, ask at the school office or nursery for an information pack.
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Our vision and values

'I give you a new commandment: love each other.  You must love each other as I have loved you.'  John 13.34

Our Vision and Values

Growing and learning together 
Sharing the love of God’

St John’s Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School was founded in 1864 for the education of children in the local community and the Parish of Radipole and Melcombe Regis, guided by the principles of The Church of England. At the heart of St John’s Primary School is a desire that Christian ideals and values should inform every aspect of the school’s life, including an expectation that all children make the very best progress.

Picture 1

The Vision Vessel

We are on a voyage of discovery and this ship represents our school. It is a vessel that takes us to new and exciting places with our faith and our learning. The sails are named with our school values. They are powered by the wind which represents The Holy Spirit. Our sails need to be filled with wind to be effective and move the ship forwards.

Our school community are all on board and we work as a team to travel together. Our school staff are the crew. They are well trained and do their jobs well so that everyone can get to their destination.

The birds soaring through the sky are flying high and represent our aspirations. At St John’s Primary School the sky is the limit.

The anchor is God’s love. Even when the sea is stormy we can trust in Him.

The lighthouse represents St John’s Church. In days gone by the spire of St John’s Church was used by sailors as a navigational aid. The light of Jesus shines out from the lighthouse guiding the ship into safe waters.


Our Mission 

To be a caring school family where all of our children are able to experience;

  • The very best education to enable them to flourish as a child of God

  • The opportunity to begin and then continue their own journey of faith

  • Encouragement and support to nurture and live out our school Christian values.



  • To give children the opportunity to experience the love of God in Jesus Christ

  • For children to grow in their sense of personal worth and their respect for others

  • Develop an appreciation of being a responsible member of a community

  • To offer high quality teaching and learning experiences for every child

  • To encourage and develop a love of learning

  • To work closely with families to foster positive relationships that benefit the child


Our Christian Values and how we see them
in action at our school

The children have explained how we put our values into action underneath each value.


We are fair and value each other’s ideas and opinions.



We are kind and encourage one another.



We tell the truth and own up to mistakes.



We look after each other and share.



We try new things and do our best.



We give people a chance to start again.

Picture 1

‘Growing and learning together, Sharing the love of God’